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---------------------Cool Sites---------------------

 This is some of our favorite Tabletop war gaming stuff.
Enjoy, support and happy gaming!
Tabletop Minions - One of the coolest sites out there on Miniature war gaming, Modeling and, lets face it, everything to do with the hobby.  I first stumbled on to one of Atom's videos on YouTube and been a loyal fan since. And watching his videos probably gave me the push to stop being a pansy and just jump back into the tabletop war gaming world. Atom Smasher is a great host, who mixes great information with a likableness and humor that makes each video unique and entertaining. My guess you already know his YouTube videos but by some freak chance you don't, you should...100% awesome! - Some awesome terrain. Focuses on Sci-fi war games: Infinity & Warhammer 40k and the like. These guys are based in Surgut, Russia but their international shipping seems more than legit.  Differently go and buy their stuff it is the coolest :)


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