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This is our first contest and we have high hopes for some great entries.

This is a HQ contest where you can enter your best, see what others in the community are bringing to the table & maybe win a little something.

We love seeing what you play, what you paint and what you collect so lets see it!!!


1: You post post a picture on your Instagram account of your favorite(s) HQ choices. (There is no limit to entry's but try to keep them your own work :) )

The entry can be of any game you wish, they all have a leader so lets see 'em.

Also Please include a description of what you got, we all know you love to brag!  ;)

2: In the description of your Instagram post include @salty_monkey & #SaltyMonkeyHQ.

Contest ends October 21st, 2016.

A random winner will be picked from the entry pool at #SaltyMonkeyHQ on October 22nd, 2016. Winner will receive a new, in package Genestealer Acolyte Iconward From the Fantastic Games Workshop. (this mini is the intellectual property of Games Workshop and they are in no way affiliated with Salty Monkey)

We will also post random entries on our Instagram account. This does not mean that all will get a re-post but I will re-post as much as I can :) So if you don't want that don't enter!

Shipping included. We reserve to choose the slowest, cheapest...Just Kidding. We ship USPS and entries are not limited to the USA.

If you win and you live in a state or country where you cannot receive USPS packages we will discuss further.  (if it costs a lot more than USPS shipping we offer we reserve the right to request the difference in price or choose another entry...hopefully that doesn't happen)

***Only residents of planet Earth are allowed to win! Unless you want to fly your space ship to us to pick up. In which case we would love to have you and Ill make cookies.

We will contact you via Instagram message to get the details.