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About us

So here we are, the page which pains me so...what are we about.

Well, there are a ton of great tabletop and miniature role playing games out there and as they evolve into the amazing worlds they create, the need for a great setting for these games grows as well. We hope to throw our own little touch of madness into the gaming world by providing quality battle mats and terrain to help bring the games to full life.

That's about's not that complicated really. So shop, enjoy, grab your dice and play, because that's what it is all about.

Why fabric mats?

There are a lot of great war gaming battle mats out there of varying materials. Some of the most popular today are the vinyl and the "mouse pad" type mats. And they are great but for us with limited space and, well, partners who refuse to let us store out large rolled mats in the corner of the living irrational ;)

So, when I started, I wanted to make high quality gaming mats but also make them easy to store, use and even travel with. I use high quality, wrinkle resistant, rayon fabric, with a very close thread. This allows for easy use, the best image quality & long lasting.

Here is an example of the product in use :)

4' x 8' Battle Mat

This video show how fast our mats set up. The wrinkle resistant fabric lays flat fast, the folds settle quickly or can be ironed or steamed for complete flat surface.

4' x 4' surface

Set up time 2 minutes (or less :) & folds back up to a 12"x12"x2" sheet that can be easily stored until the next game!