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Let's start these shenanigans

Posted by brian schenning on

I have an addiction...I buy too much miniature war-gaming stuff. So whats a man to do? Well, the answer is obvious: throw more money into it by spending more & more into forming a small business...Duh!

A little about my self. I started with TSR's Dungeon and Dragons when I was eleven and I've been a geek about gaming ever since. Now I am a 42 years old and just as cool as I was back then;) .

Several years back stumbled into a local hobby store and started buying, painting and eventually playing Warhammer 40K again. So as I painted, I bought and as I bought, I painted and round and round it goes. Spending my free hours assembling and painting again gave me a kind of calm, an almost meditative type of relaxation that seem to have lost somewhere along the way.

As I forayed further and further into addition I picked up more games. Malifaux, Infinity, X-wing and much more. 

So Salty Monkey is my solution, my way to support this nonsense and to help my better half see me as less of a nerd and more an entrepreneur...well an entrepreneur nerd at the very least.

My goal is to make quality battle mats and terrain. Why? Because there are a ton of great table top war games out there and I think a great background on which to play really brings the whole of your game together. Now I am not reinventing the wheel here but I hope to add my little contribution to this madness and have some fun along the way.

So this is my first post about my shenanigans and we will see what will come.

     - The Salty Monkey

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