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Games Workshop's 2016 Kill Team Supplement Review...Awesome!

Games Workshop's 2016 Kill Team supplement review.

This is my first review so let me explain my method. I am not going to meta-game the shit out of the rules or go off on some go off on some rant on how Games Workshop is finding new and exciting ways to take our money...there are plenty of angry game bloggers and trolls out there who will do that.

We play tested the rules with Skitarii vs. Necrons. Both can make some cool Kill Teams. Necrons are still tough as...

Let's start these shenanigans

I have an addiction...I buy too much miniature war-gaming stuff. So whats a man to do? Well, the answer is obvious: throw more money into it by spending more & more into forming a small business...Duh!

A little about my self. I started with TSR's Dungeon and Dragons when I was eleven and I've been a geek about gaming ever since. Now I am a 42 years old and just as cool as I was back then;) .

Several years back stumbled into a local hobby store and started buying, painting and eventually playing Warhammer 40K again....